Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Biopsy Day.....

Yup - off to get a little bit of my liver sliced out today. It shouldn't be do bad as they do it under local and it is just a tiny hole through my side. I am really looking forward to getting some answers, although I think it will take a week or so to get any firm results.

I have been working part time - mainly mornings this week and this is officially my last week at work. I will however be doing a little for them next week and being paid per hour, so that is fine. I think there is probably only about 20-30 hours more work to do over the next two weeks, mainly collating stuff and organising things to come back to the office. Once it is there they can then ring me and I will arrange collection.

My weight has jumped back up over the last week and sitting at 99.8 kgs this morning.......I think most of that is to do with TOM and the meds I am on as I would have thought that I had eatedn almost less than 3 kgs of food in the past week........the body is such a strange animal ain't it.

Okay, so to the decisions, well we have given notice at our house and are moving in with Simon's parents in two weeks. We have had to find alternative arrangements for Porsche and Riddick and although it is not finalised, we think we may have found a family who will take them both together. They already have two cats, but we think Riddick will be okay with that as he spent the first year growing up with Leeloo and hopefully by having Porsche around it will make it a bit easier. The family lost their old rottie to old age last year and they can't afford to have a new dog, but have losts of love to we will cover the price of food and a little extra for their time, love and support.

I am not going to look for work at this point, until I have discovered "wellness" and am able to actually concentrate for more than 5 mins on any on task......LOL. Once I am well hopefully the right job will be there waiting.

We have managed to sell the motorbike and have a few things on trademe as well, which hopefully get some good prices and will help us declutter as we are pretty much just taking out bedroom furniture and the computers to Si's parents. My uncle has said he might be able to store our stuff in a shed out on his farm, but we are not 100% certain if it is suitable, otherwise the storage facility is $30 a week for the size we need. Anyway, off to do some work and to have a very light breakfast.


  1. It sounds like things are starting to come together. I hope the recovery from the biopsy is quick and easy.

    I'm pulling for you! Chin up! Things will get better! And you'll feel better soon (once they get it all sorted out)!

    Take care!!!

  2. Good Luck. I am sure everything will work out fine. You just need to take some time & get yourself well.

  3. I am still praying for you will all work always does...Thinking of you both...xoxo, Jil

  4. Praying for you as well. I'm glad that things are getting in order even if it isn't the ideal situation. Definitely a good idea to get well before searching.
    I hope you hear your results sooner vs. later!

  5. Hope it all went well... thinking of you. Got your txt but obviously well after you sent it LOL.... bloody telecom!!!

  6. Hoping all went well:-)

    Lots of plans going ahead with you. You've made some big decisions - good luck with the move and job hunting and most importan - good luck with the biopsy and your health!