Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oops sorry

I have gotten a couple of reminder texts yesterday that I have not updated in a while and some people are worried about what is going on.......well, it has been busy with wrapping up work and packing to move and just hanging in there healthwise.

I am back to the team at the hospital today to hopefully get some results, although I also recevied a semi urgent referral for a US30 cardiac scan, so not sure what is going on now. I have had a very sore couple of days in my joints again over the last couple, and have been very very grumpy. I have also officially finishd at work, but I am helping htem out this week to make sure all the billing is done and everything is returned to where it should be returned.

We are moving most our our stuff to storage next Wednesday and then just our computers and bedroom stuff to Si's parents most likely on the Thursday/Friday. The landlord has people coming around tonight to take a look and again on Saturday. I know that it is an inconveince for them us leaving so quickly but as I pointed out last night, I didn't plan on any of this stuff happening, ie - me being sick, or losing my job.

Oh, depending on today, I might have 3 months temp work starting next week, but it really depends on what the doctors say today and if the company concerned is okay about my health situation. The people are known to me, and it still might be better for them to have me at 70% capacity than trying to train someone new for the 12 weeks........have to give them an answer by Friday, so I am going to ask the doctor today if he thinks I should be working or not, or at least at what level if I can work.

Anyway - lots to do today, getting keys cut for the new house, buying some thermals and warmer casual pants. Going to the GP, going to work for a little bit and then also going to the hospital at 4pm........long day. At least I won't get too nervous!!!


  1. Hope everything works out for you. Have been reading about your health probs for the last few posts. Hope they can get you some answers.

  2. AS Helene said.. I too hope things eventually work out for you.

  3. Hope the hospital visit went ok for you and you get some answers. All a bit unsettling, but I'm sure life will settle down again for you.

  4. Hope the hospital had some answers for you. This weather doesn't help the joints or muscles either as I know only too well. Been thinking of you.
    Nope I don't have a recipe for Ginger crunch. It was that we used to get some at Mission Belle cafe when Chris H was still down this way. Think it was basically any good ginger crunch recipe but with crystalised ginger in both the base and the icing. Chris used to love it so she would have a better idea. I never tried it LOL :)
    Hugs for a good end to the week :)

  5. Hi Janine,
    I hope all is well with you and you are starting to feel better quickly! We both have so much going on at once right now.. I'm sure you're just as ready as I am for life to slow down a bit!