Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hmm, not alot happening

Well my world seems really boring at the moment and not a lot happening so unfortunately you are just going to get a heap of drivel from me. Pretty much life at the moment consists of going to work, coming home, having dinner, playing WOW and then going to bed. I have not watched any telly apart from Brothers and Sisters in 3 weeks and I am so out of touch as to what is happening on Shortie Street.

Work - things are interesting there, I am not sure really about this role; - yes it is paying the bills and I am certainly not complaining about that, but I am not sure it is something that I would want to do long term as I really do need that people/customer contact. I think part of the trouble is that because it is only a 12 week assignment, they don't really want me to make any headway on anything really, and some of the role has even changed since I got here, which means that there is probably not as much for me to do as they first thought.

Home - Things are going well there, we had a couple of shaky weeks where we were trying to find our groove with fitting in with each other, but we seem to have got past some little issues. It is all heighten by the not certain about where we will be living at the end of Sept as this current house has been sold and we need to move all over again!!!

Family - Can't wait till Saturday to see Roz!!! I am super excited about this and can't wait!!!!!!!!
Enough Said......hope to have some pics of us together to post on Saturday evening.

Family again - Hardly see my Dad at all!!!!!

Health - Things are going along nicely - still having blood tests weekly, have more energy most days and hardly any joint pain anymore. I still have little lumps that show up on my legs and my skin is still a little blotchy. I also still itch like crazy all the time - especially late at night and my elbows are looking a little worse for wear. I have a big blood test scheduled for either next week or the week after and it will be interesting to see what the Dr wants to do with my drugs.......I am kinda scared to experiment with it all.......cos I am feeling quite good at the moment, and honestly if this is the best I got, I wouldn't complain one iota!!!!

Weight - well that is up and I as I said, I know it is because of the steroids (mostly) and honestly if this is the best it got I would accept it and be happy. I know that I have skin issues and I know that they will most likely never be resolved as I can't justify spending that much money on removing it.....unless I win lotto. It is not a big deal to me......(most of the time).

So that is pretty much where I am at on a whole heap of things, as I said - nothing really new, and it seems almost like a waste of a post - but it is.


  1. Considering all your recent drama with illness, job uncertainty & having to shift - not a lot happening would be a bit of a relief :-)

  2. It is never a 'waste' to post... things are looking on the up for you... I know you have lots to go through yet with the health and moving again... so enjoy the 'normal' days while you can.

  3. I always think that boring is good! No dramas going on.

  4. unfortunately, real life, the boring stuff, is the hardest to worth through.. so post away :)