Saturday, July 11, 2009


I guess this week has been a really full on one and now I am just adjusting. I officially start my temp work assignment on Monday, it is for the Animal Health Board (I of course used to work for them in Wellington) in the Palmerston North office, and it is a short term contract of at this stage approx 12 weeks, although it might turn out to be a little longer. My official title is "Communications Advisor - Fixed Term" and will be very interesting getting to know another side of the business. I have always worked with the disease management side of the organisation whereas now it will be dealing more with those pesky possums.......thankfully not hands on though.

It is also going to be a pretty big learning curve in some aspects and I think it will be good for me to learn some more stuff, although it is a little scary at the same time, especially not knowing how things are progressing with my illness. On that front, I have been taking my pills and having my blood tests and have been feeling pretty good up until yesterday. Yesterday I got some more bumps on my legs and my joints were a little I am not sure if that is just because we have been so busy with the moving and the cleaning, or if it is something to be expected. My bloods are looking good, they are coming down, they are still high, but definitely coming down.

I guess we are both still a bit unsettled getting used to sleeping in a new room with new noises and of course new routines which of course is part at parcel of staying with Si's parents.

Today we are thinking of going to the rock and mineral expo in Palmerston North, and I think we will also head to see Porsche as we are going to lend the lady who is looking after her our gas heater....which of course at the moment is just sitting in the storage unit.

Weight seems to be stable at the moment, hovering around 98 kgs, which doesn't seem too bad. I have been pretty slack on the water so I am not complaining, although I definitely seem a little puffy in the hands, feet and face and I know that this may be from the steroids......but I still don't like it!!!! If I can just keep it under 100kgs I will be happy for now.

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