Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy Week

Well it certainly has been a busy week and health wise I have coped really well - much better than I thought I would. Most people would have not clue that I am not at 100% now, apart from a couple of bad skin spots, I am pretty much right. Although, if for some reason I forget to take those pesky little pills I am a mess.

Weight is definitely creeping up - just over 100 kgs now, which no I am not happy about, but I have to remember that it is definitely a long way from where I was, and that this is all just part and parcel of keeping me well. Actually I bumped into an old friend of Mum's during the week and she didn't recognise me to start with, and then she kept on saying, "My, you have lost a lot of weight" and I just said , "yup, I have". It kinda made me feel more positive about the face that when I look in the mirror I see this puffy face at the moment, but other people see me differently, depending on when they last saw me and if they know I have had surgery or not.

Oh - now, you all remember when I shaved my head as it turned that funny orange/copper colour, well that is almost 10 months ago, and I have not cut it since, now some of you would have seen that it has been growing in my you tube videos, but now It is actually getting to the point that I am happy with it, and I can almost get the whole lot up!!!! I saw my brother last weekend and he reckons that it makes me look heaps younger a little longer and for some reason it is heaps curlier than it used to be.

We are settling down into our living arrangements, although it is still a little hard as both couples do things there own way. It is probably heighten by the search for a new house for Si's parents as they have actually sold this one, and settlement is in about 10 weeks and they have not found one to buy as yet. So we might all be homeless soon. LOL.

Work is going well, I am enjoying what I have been doing this last week, although it is not quite as busy as I thought it would be, but I am finding work to do to relieve pressure of my workmates and I know the bulk of work is still a few weeks away, so it gives me some lead in time. This week should fly by as there is a two day meeting on with some old colleagues who I have not seen in a while, and although I am not involved directly just having people in the office seems to make the days go fast.

I am really looking forward to next weekend as we have a busy one planned. I am finally getting to see Roz, my fabulous half sister and some of the family again. We have so connected since she got in touch a few weeks ago, and she already seems to sense when I NEED a sisterly chat. We are having some tome together next Saturday for a couple of hours and then again the following Thursday I think for a quick coffee before she heads back to Christchurch....I so can't wait to see her!!! Then on the Sunday we are hopefully catching up with one of Si's friends from Wellington who is coming up this way for the weekend, so it will be one of lots of socialising.

Today is quiet, and wind is howling. Thought about going to the movies to see Harry Potter, but honestly on the last day of the school hols I think it will be far too busy, so Might just have a quiet one at home.


  1. If you have read the Harry Potter books you are gunna think the movie sucks! Well I did anyway.

  2. If that comment comes up a million times.. sorry! My internet is playing up....

  3. Good to hear everything going well. You must be sick of moving by now - I know I would be. How is WOW going? Say gidday to Simon for me.


  4. I looking forward to seeing you too! Driving everyone insane here with the countdown!!!

    x x x x x x

  5. Oh how cool about Roz.... and try not to stress to much about the weight :-)

  6. I am so glad to hear that things are going well. I had to do some catching up, but it sounds like things are working out. I'm glad you are feeling better and so glad that there are fun things for you to look forward to! I can't wait to hear that things are getting better and better every day!!!

  7. hopefully one day soon you will head down to Chch and we can have a catch up

    big hug heading your way from me