Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moving Day

Yup - today is the day we move to Si's parents house. The move intself should be reasonably quick, Truck should be here at 10am, and 95% of our stuff is just goingt o the storage unit 5 mins drive from here and there will be a quick stop off at Si's parents place to drop off the bed and the dresser at their house. We are doing the computers ourselves and that will be done later this afternoon/evening as I have to shoot into the "temp job" (still can't say anything as haven't signed any paperwork) for a couple of hours.

I am hoping that we can be done and dusted with the house tonight/tomorrow as we have a few things to do, cleaning, changing the drapes back to blinds and then final handover on Friday.

I am also menat to be at a meeting at the "temp job" on Thursday at 10am, so will make things a little trickier. It is actually lucky they didn't want me full time this week, it would have been far too hard adjusting to moving and a new job and the meds.

The meds seem to be going well, not getting too many side effects, although my weight is back to hovering around 100 kgs. Some of that I am sure is purely from not eating as well as I should have been with this moving lark, and some from the steroids processing things a bit differently. I have been lucky so far with the other drug, no feeling of nausea.

I have decided that during this time of adjustment to the treatment I am not going to beat myself up about what the scales say as long as I am being sensible........and they don't go out of control. It seems a bit weird, but since going on the steroids, it seems it has killed my "i'm full switch" and I seem to be able to eat more capacity.......lets hop the dr's wean me off them in the next few weeks. I know he wants to try me at 5 mgs in about 6 weeks time, depending on what my blood results (weekly) do.

Anyway - should hit the shower and get organised for the movers, less than 2 hours to go and I will "on the road again". hehe - god I am dork.
Oh the last thing, Porsche seems to be handling hte new foster home really really well, we will pop over and see her this weekend as we forgot to drop off a gas heater that we are lending the lady......and with Riddick, I decided to put him at the local cattery as he was too flighty and I really thought he was a bolter wanting to happen, so he is happy and safe and that is the main thing.


  1. Good luck with the move Janine, sounds like you've got it all sorted, so hopefully it goes well :)

  2. I hope your move has gone well chick.

  3. Hate to say this but if YOU are on prednisone then welcome to the world of increased eating and maybe a little weight gain .....

  4. Hope you are all settled in after the move:-)