Monday, July 13, 2009


Started my new job seems kinda odd learning something new at the moment, with everything else going on, but at least it is keeping me occupied and busy. I seem to be coping okay with the health side of things at the moment, well certianly today, and I think I should be fine over the next few weeks. I am not sure the job is really me, but I will give it my all while I am there and make the best of it......and the very least it is paying some bills and filling in a gap in my CV.

We also have to make the decision about we start looking further afield than the Manawatu, I mean Si's job at the moment is only part time/casual and there is actually no guarantee that it will go fulltime or not stop alltogether, so do we safeguard ourselves and try and to look for work in other areas as well? Could we go back to Wellington - especially if it was on one income? I am not sure about so much at the moment, and I know it seems like I am putting too much focus on this right now, but the reality is that this is a fixed term contract and it will come to an end. Should we also even consider just selling everything and going overseas? Probably not while my health is up in the air for both points.......I mean I am getting such fabulous treatment with the medical team up here.

Anyway - things to ponder and things to face as they come up. So if anyone still hears of a fabulous opportunity that will start in about 3 months......or could be held for 3 months, I am all ears!!!

Weightwise - things are stable.....I am sitting at 98.2 at the moment, so a little higher than my lowest, but still nothing to worry about. Happy at least about one thing.


  1. NOOOOOOO - No more kiwis are allowed in Australia as there were tooooo many sheep getting raped so I guess that ruled out the overseas thing!!!

  2. HAHA - Thanks Smashem!!!!!!!!

    I will come over there and bombard you if I want to!!!!!

  3. sometimes it that final decision you make and STICK too THATS when things start to fall into place, STAY where you are at the parents build on your bank balance a little, and try to remain postive, IF on the other hand you start dithering shall we shan't we then you are in two minds AND wont feel settled(as settled as you can be given the circumstances).... Best of Luck

  4. Things seem to just happen and that makes the decision for you. Have a great week :-)PS: you need to txt me your number.

  5. Hey there! I've been out of the loop, but glad to hear you're working, at least temporarily, and that the meds seem to be working ok! :) Glad that you figured out what is wrong with you and you're on the way to recovery!

    Your Texan Friend,
    Laurie :)

  6. Temp job and a place to stay for now is all good. Sounds like you are coping well with the meds. We are also at a crossroads in our lifes which seems weird so sort of know how you feel.

  7. Stay at Si's parents, it will give you a chance to save up. But i think you should look around for anything that might come you way. Keep your chin up xxxx