Thursday, July 2, 2009

News & treatment Plan

Well it is like I thought, Auto immune liver disease (hepatitis) and we are starting the medicine this morning. The doctor gave me a very good link for a website that explains all about it. There are no nasty pictures or anything, just informative material. You can get to it HERE

I am feeling really good about where we are at, and that we can now move forward. I spoke to him about the possibility of working and he said if I feel up to it then no problem. He said I might feel nausea but it should be manageable. So depending on sign of from the CEO I might have work for the next 12 weeks or so, which hopefully will be a good foot in the door, and hopefully will lead to further work down the track. I will keep everyone updated as I learn more.

I am going to be working closely with my dietitian at Hamilton to try and combat the increased appetite that I might get from the steroids.

Anyway, off this morning to meet Porsche and Riddicks new foster mum (hopefully) and then to get a blood test and then to work. Pretty much just have today and tomorrow left in the office and then I am done with that. It has been quite nice to have this wind down week just getting things finalised.


  1. Congrats...I know it always feels better to have answers and a plan...the unknown is always so much worse...Still praying for you guys...all the best...Jil

  2. NOt such good news then on the health front. How on earth did you get Hepatitis?
    Hope the treatment plan works well for you.

  3. It must be a huge relief to know what is wrong. Now you can focus on getting well.

    Do you know how you contracted it?

  4. Do you catch it from sheep!!!!!

  5. I'm so glad you have answers! What a relief that must be and from what I can tell, there is a great prognosis! You are in my prayers!