Sunday, July 26, 2009

Words can't describe

How fantastic my day was yesterday.

Roz came up from Christchurch on their Southern North Island Road trip of a holiday and we caught up for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. We arrange to meet at the mall in Palmerston North for a coffee, and it was brilliant to see her and her hubby, son and family friend.

We had such a blast and Si and Leigh (Roz's Hubby) got on really well, and in fact they were a little distracting talking so much I kept wondering what on earth they were talking about. At one point, Si mentioned to Leigh that my dad has model trains and then it was decided after a quick phone call to dad that we would go to Feilding to see the trains. It was a brilliant idea and Roz came in my car and Si went with the others. It gave me and Roz some time to catchup on our own, and when we got to Dad's we got some pics taken at his place.

We are going to catch up again next Thursday back at my Dad's for the afternoon and then hopefully Simon and I will head to Christchurch for a visit before the end of the year.

After we esorted them safely to Ashhurst so they could be on their way, we decided to go and see Harry Potter, which I really enjoyed. I think I got this and the last book a bit muddled and was surprised it was not as "dark" as I thought it would be, and it was in my opinion a lot more humourous. All in all, a fantastic day.

This morning, we had a friend from Wellington come and do brunch with us, was brilliant to see him and spend some time, and now this afternoon is going to be just chilling out at home playing WoW (World of Warcraft) and getting ready for the week ahead. Might sit outside in the sun and read for a little bit as it is a glorious Manawatu fact we might go to the beach for a drive. If we do I will post some pics!!!


  1. How fantastic to have such a wonderful day! You are looking FRIGGIN FANTASTIC too!!!

  2. You are looking awesome, and so glad it all went well :-)

  3. You sound so happy to catch up. You are looking amazing!!

  4. he girl sounds like u had an awesome day

    when u come to Chch we wll have to catch up again