Monday, August 3, 2009

Overdue Update and some Good News.

Wow, such a long time since I updated. Last week just flew by and I got to spend some more time with Roz on Thursday as they headed back to Wellington. I wish there wasn't that little bit of water between us, but at least airfares are not too bad, and it looks as though we should be able to make it down there sometime before Christmas.

I have had quite a bit of pain in my left ankle over the past week and my rashes on my elbows and buttocks have gotten worse again. It is all part of the auto immune thing, and although my liver levels are coming down (still elevated) the other symptoms have either come back or got worse. I have a major set of bloods this week and I am hoping that I will get a follow up appointment with the specialist in the next couple of weeks to look at the medication etc.

But now onto the weekend - which was pretty cool.Saturday was just getting the washing done, and then we went to visit the cat at the cattery. He seems really happy there, actually I think he is the “top” cat there as he has been there the longest. He seemed pleased to see us, but just before we left he decided he had had enough of us, and he went to his food bowl and ate……so feeling good about that.

Saturday night made my now “famous in our house pizza’s” – I decided to make 3 different flavours and they were all so yummy.

  • The original and first one is – chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pizza with hp sauce drizzled on top.
  • The second – sweet chilli chicken with caramelised onions and red peppers.
  • The last one was – spicy apricot chicken, with apricot bits and cream cheese.

All of them were very very yummy.

On Sunday morning I made brunch, which was Sweetcorn and Bacon Fritters with a homemade chutney sauce. Then last night I made a red wine and beef risotto from scratch!!!!!! I didn’t enjoy this as much though…….not sure why. Had a blast cooking again – and I took photos of the meals and I think I am going to make up my own ‘family’ cook book.

Oh we had some good news on Friday night, Si has gone full time at his job, although they are paying him slightly less per hour than if he was part time. They also have monthly bonus’s for their full time staff so it should work out to be about the same. It has certainly given us some security and as we will still be living with Si’s parents for a while, (in a rental) it means that it also takes the pressure off me having to settle for any job. So I can be a little bit choosy about what I want to do.

Oh – and this morning my weight is up to 103 kgs – not very happy about that and yes although some of it will be influenced a little by the steroids, ALOT of it has to do with what I am eating and drinking and when. So I have pulled out the pouch rules again, and although I cannot actually meet all of them because of our living arrangements, I can actually do a lot of them. So this week I am going to -

  1. Have my protein shake every morning – had it this morning with 3 dollops of yoghurt, 2 scoops protein powder and about ¼ cup of milk.
  2. Drink as much water as I can in between meals and water load about 30 mins prior to eating
  3. Not drink with my meals at all
  4. Not drink for 30 mins – 60 mins after my meal and then sip sip sip.
  5. Eat the protein first Try to avoid the carbs………(will be hard in the evening meal)
  6. If I need to snack – make it a couple of crackers with cheese – not the chocolate and lollies etc I have been having.
  7. Oh – and I almost forgot – take my vitamins

Part of this came up due to our WLS support group meeting, and although I have health issues at the moment,and I am not really concentrating on my Weightloss as such, I do need to be as healthy as I can be for my body to fight the other issues, and if that means making sure I am following all the rules so my digestive system is working properly then maybe it will take the stress off the other areas.

This week should be pretty breezy, just work and concentrating on the above and paying bills. Will try an update a little more regularilybut as mentioned before it seems like nothing much is happening at the moment, and it just seems boring to write - went to work, had lunch, came home had dinenr, played WoW and went to bed. LOL - I am sure I could manage to come up with something a little more exciting - but not much!!!


  1. Congrats to Si on the job, am glad things are working out for you :-)

  2. What a relief Si had a full time job again! Less stess for you both.