Friday, August 21, 2009

Quiz Nite

Last night we all headed out to a quiz night at the local Irish bar. It was the first time I had been, but I used to love going to them when I lived in Auckland - so I thought it would be nice to try a local one. Well, we did alreight - averaged between 5-7 most rounds, and managed to come away with 2nd place - although I think the scorer was a bit sozzled by the end cos I think in the last round we only got 4 right and he gave us 8......maybe he thought we had played our joker in that round.....Oh well, it was a bit of fun afterall.

The book I am reading is going well and I am still positive about it. I get the occasionaly - what am I doing moment - especially as it is commission only, but you know what.......It only takes the first snowflake to make a I just need one sale to start me off......and if I put the work in, I CAN/WILL do it.

Finishing work early today as have had a call from the dog's (Porsche) foster Mum, and apparently she has fallen off the deck and hurt her back leg, so I have her booked into the vet to get it checked out.....really hoping nothing to serious. If worst comes to worst I will take her away from the foster home and put her in the kennels till it comes time to move - which is 5 weeks tomorrow......oh so can't wait.....I am dreaming about that house already and where I want to put things.

Also a couple of purchases I want to make for it long term - the first is a dining room suite. Preferably one that can extend - 4- 6 settings, and padded seats.......want to find a second hand one as I don't want to spend a whole heap on it. The next thing - which won't be till Si's parents move to their new house will be conservatory furniture - maybe in cane with cushions.....something you can relax with a good book in the sun of while chatting on the phone.

Weekend plans are a little on the quiet side..... tonight - watching Australian Idol and then the Saturday and Sunday are just going to do the washing, play WOW, go for a walk maybe, and watch some of the first series of Boston Legal on DVD. I never got into this series, but Si has watched a couple of episodes and found it really funny - that and he is a fan of William Shatner.......we watched the first one last night and it was really funny.


  1. Oh I LUVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE Boston Legal and every episode has 1 - 5 star trek quotes, just an insanely quirky programme.

  2. I've been reading about your plans while we were away. Good luck!

  3. Actually I must watch it to heard great stuff about it...

  4. Hi there! It's been great catching up with you via facebook! :) Just wanted to pop in and catch up on your blog as well! :) huggles!