Thursday, August 20, 2009

Very quiet in blogging land

Either people are very busy in blogging land or very quiet and shy. There is just not the comments on anyone's blog at the moment, so I am hoping it is just because everyone is out there enjoying life.

I know for me, I am gearing up to this new career - have paid the money now, so definitely no looking back. I am reading a book called 'Smart Moves' by Marnie Adams who is a successful real estate agent here in New Zealand. Thanks to Rachael for the pointer in the right direction. I am only up to chapter two, but so far some points have hit home. At the end of the day it is all about Attitude - and I intend on having heaps and heaps of attitude.........that I need to capture and harness and take me in the right direction. It is about - confidence, belief and faith.

I am so looking forward to having Porsche back with me, and am planning on taking her for walks most days.....I am really wanting to get back into the exercise, but for now it must be free and also gentle, as I need to be able to handle it whilst still getting my liver condition sorted.

I am also hoping to blog a little more often to capture that positive attitude. I know that when things are going well I tend to put it on the back burner a little as I get to busy, but using this blog as a reflecting tool it is sometimes very onesided to the negative. So that has to change!!

So - welcome to the new version of my blog - one where I share more - even what to others might be boring and repetitive.


  1. You go girl! Glad that you are feeling a lot better :)

  2. never boring, never repetitive.. :) real life is just that.. over and over sigh.. still.. good to see you so upbeat :)

  3. You are sounding so much more positive. Keep up the great work. It was a pleasure reading your last couple of posts. Kate

  4. Yaaa for feeling so positive.
    As for your question on me blog: Yes, we have a very good Treadmill and an Excercycle too. So that's the cardio covered.
    As for quiet in blogland.. it is from the New Zealanders and Aussies! Not so bad from the rest of the world though... I still get a good few comments!

  5. Things are looking so great for youguys at the moment and you sound so happy & positive.

    Although it has been a rogh year, you have come thru it together stronger :-)

    Nice new house, new career, animals back with you, I bet your health improves in leaps and bound too.