Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Directions and Career Choices

I have been weighing up my career direction alot since I got made redundant and sick, and I sat down and figured out a couple of, I am a people person, and I need whatever I do to be predominately about people. I hate back office type work, and I thrive in an environment where I talk to people constantly. The second thing I have realised is that although I will work at any job for at least minimum wage, I know that I am worth so much more than that, and I know that I deserve to be making some decent money.

Do you know I have still not heard back from the supermarket about that job and I see the women who interviewed me every time I go actually smarts a little that they didn't have the decency to even let me know that I was not successful. Si's Dad jokes around and says that maybe I should write a letter to their head office withdrawing my application........but honestly I don't think there head office would give a stuff.

So, now I really need you to help me out here....I have an idea and a possible opportunity and I would love some feedback from those who know me, even if only through here. It is kinda big and I am still in the thought processing stage, but I am almost at the point where I am I have nothing to lose by trying this.

So, what is it?????? Well, it is people orientated...........but also sales orientated...... what I am thinking about doing is the Real Estate Salesperson Course, partially as a little bit of a back up as this job finishes in about 8 weeks and looking at the job market there is definitely not alot around so I was kinda thinking that if I do this, then at the very least I will be attempting to make some money (on commission) instead of sitting at home being a kept woman who is getting depressed that I can't find a job.

The other reason I have been thinking alot about it, is that over the past 9 months of helping Si's parents with their house purchase, I have shown a little bit of a flair for finding houses that met all their criteria (well 80%).......and I really enjoyed it. I can even remember the floor plans of 90% of the houses we viewed.

Now - I know that some people will say that this might be a bad time to get into such a venture due to the economy etc, but I kinda figured that if you start when it is at the bottom the only way you have to go is up, and because this opportunity is in my hometown I have an advantage of local knowledge and already having some contacts in the area.

The other thing I guess I am considering is that while Si and I are co-habitating with his folks, it makes our expenses a whole heap lower at the moment, so it buys me some time to make it work.......and if I can't be making a living out of it by the time their house is built, which is about January then I will simply say, I tried, it was not for me and walk away......and get a regular job (hopefully there would be jobs available). If I don't do this - will I regret not even trying?

So, can you please leave me a comment to offer your point of view..........good or bad, especially if you have thought of something I haven't.......either that or send me an email to

I really do want and need your feedback on this one.


  1. Haha I had been looking into it as well, but for me with kids the hours would just not suit.... I say go for it, the only disadvantage is the hours, you work a lot of weekends, but if you don't mind that then go for it.... and with commission based jobs what you put in you get out... so work hard and you will reap the benefits. I know Baz makes a pretty good income but then he works at least 60 - 80 hours a week. I say go for it, what you got to lose.......

  2. Firstly you need to be aware that the successful agents really do put in the long hours, heaps of evening & weekend work.

    BUT - you have nothing to lose, even if after the training you decide it is not for you, you will have that qualification AND you will have gained a whole set of useful skills which you can use in other areas.

    Like you say, living with Si's parents eases the financial pressure so now is the time to do it. You don't want to be sitting there in a few years time wondering "what if".

    Once you have done the course, maybe you could at least get set up a part time business finding houses for people who want to buy but don't have the time/inclination to look themselves, or, like Si's parents are from out of town. You could narrow the options down, based on thier criteria, to a few houses for them to look at. Not sure how you would charge tho - them a fee or a % of commission form the real estate agent (or both)

  3. you will gain a qualification at the very least and maybe a rewarding career should you stick with it. You only live once so go with it and try it.

    As you said it meets all the criteria that you are after in a job - people and property. I Yup, I agree that you should go for it. As mentioend above believe that you have the skills to do well. Just remember give it a good go and don't expect everything to go your way straight away.

    Smashem :)

  4. Anything is worth a try, and if you enjoy it .. why not!

  5. If you dont give it a try, you will always wish that you did - so just go for it!!!!! Jolene

  6. I kinda think you've already made your decision.

    But I would say GO OF IT! You only live once.

  7. I have said this before in a roundabout way! when one door closes another opens AND ONCE you make your mind up things WILL fall into place but a foot in every camp maybe is not the best idea RUN with what your gut tells you AND GIVE IT A GO!

  8. Looks like I am a couple of days behind on this one. Hippygal and Tracy pretty much said exactly what I was thinking. All weekend work, long hours etc. But huge opportunities if you have the 'X-factor'. Which I think is just truely honestly being a people person - so you are 80% there already :)

    I think that now is the perfect time to be training in this industry. During this downturn something like 20% of all real estate agents have left the industry. When the market recovers, there will be a shortage of good agents. Now is the time to train - as you will be poised to take advantage.

    Go for it.

  9. ps - I really love Tracy's idea. As real estate agents are acting for the vendor - it can be frustrating for a purchaser who has no idea about a local market. Especially if you are not even in the town you are trying to purchase in!!

    It is a rare agent that can balance the relationship between acting for the seller - but obtaining the trust and confidence of the buyer.