Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Road to Success

“In Order to Succeed - your desire for Success must outweigh your Fear of Failure”

Thanks so much for your feedback about the real estate question. Some of you offered some food for thought, and I think I have got most things covered. I truly do believe that I will be good at this, not because I think I am a gun at sales, but because I think that Real Estate is actually more about being a being person and listening and actioning. I don't think that I can sell a house to someone unless it feels right and meets the point hitting someones head against a brink wall if it just doesn't do it for them.

You know at the moment I am very positive about the direction things are going in, although there are bumps in the road, I am finding that I am handling them better than I could imagine. After the last few months of uncertainty, I am not worried that I am about to be once again thrust into a new career that is commission only……..I have also not even secured a position with an agency yet, although there is one that I really want to work with, and so far that it is looking promising.

I am actually spending some time today going to the Auctions of the company I hope to be working with to get a feel for how they run their auctions but also to show my face and to prove that at the very least I am persistent. They also have a seminar for sellers on Monday which Simon & I will also attend. One of the things that the principal wants to make sure is that I have the family support to venture on this new career.

On the housing front, we have found a very cute place to rent in Feilding, it is two very large bedrooms with dining, lounge and conservatory and it will be a little tight for space while we have Si’s parents staying, but come January it will be just perfect. It has a nice BBQ area and a big backyard for Porsche. It also has a glasshouse and raised vege gardens, so I am going to learn how to grow my own veges….especially tomatoes.

So that means that 5 weeks on Saturday we move again, and get the dog and cat back……I am so excited to have my fur babies back…….it will be fantastic. Actually the property is brilliant for both Si’s parents dog and Porsche as there is two separate fully fenced grassed areas so we can actually keep the dogs separate if we need to just to make sure they don’t fight. There is also an access point to the Park at the end of the road so I can take her for walks.

So at the end of that I come back to the opening sentence - “In Order to Succeed - your desire for Success must outweigh your Fear of Failure”. So am scared? Nope, because I truly believe that I will succeed.

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  1. wow hun things are going great for you! The new job idea sounds great and i think you'll do a fab job at it!! im so glad things are working out for you xxx