Monday, August 10, 2009

Fantastic Weekend

Well the weekend weather has sure made things feel more summery and warm. We had a fabulous weekend, that really started on Thursday night. Si's parents decided to head up to the lake for a few days so we have had the house to ourselves since Thursday. We both had to work on Friday, but we came home and had a relaxing night watching a DVD.

Woke up with pain in my lower back and have not been able to shake it at all, it is like a constant ache across my lower back and then I get stabbing pains on both sides as well. I have read that it might be a side effect of one of the meds that I am on, so I am booked into see the dr this afternoon.

With Si's parents being away we were also looking after Oscar, their miniature schnauzer/Griffin cross dog (I will get a pic of him to put in here later on). Now he is used to at least 1 walk per day, mostly two, so I decided that he needed to get some exercise whilst he was in our on Friday night I took him for about 1.5 km and then on Saturday morning took him to Dad's house and back which was about 2.5 km round trip. I was really pleased with that and although I do have the joint pain in my ankle it was bearable. I also managed to take him for a walk this morning in the frosty cold morning that we had - it was only about a km but at least he had a little walk. Actually I have become his new best is really funny.

Saturday was just filled with household chores, washing clothes and getting them dry and folded....still have one basket to fold.....I made a nice brunch for us both - bacon & egg muffins - was meant to be eggs benedict but the hollandaise went terribly wrong.....!!

Si was going a bit house bound in the afternoon so we decided to see a movie. We both really like Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, so we went to see the movie Public Enemy - a true story about a US bank robber from the 30's. It was pretty good, but then I think most things Johnny Depp does is fantastic.....I have been a fan since 21 Jump Street days.

After the movie we discovered we had a flat tyre/puncture.........and after we finally got that changed and drove home slowly on our space saver tyre (I hate them) it was almost 9pm. Watched the telethon till about 1am and then went to bed......was up early the next morning (thanks Oscar) and pretty much just cruised around the house watching the telethon.

Now, weight wise, things have been a bit all over the place and I have been trying to concentrate on not drinking when I eat.....which must have had some effect as I had crept up to just over 103 kgs and as at this morning I was back at 101.7 kgs, so a definite improvement, although I can honestly say I am really not too worried about it. I can also say that even with the excess skin issues I can appreciate what I see in the mirror.....I mean without having the surgery I am actually happy with where I am at, sure there are areas I need/would like to work on - like my bat wing arms and my sharpei legs....but all in all - I am good with it.

Actually on a slightly different topic.....Jo recently said about being able to go clothes shopping and find things that fit........I am having so much trouble with this. I scour the clearance rails and they are all size 26-28 and size 10-12 ......nothing in my 18/20 size at all!!!! Gets really depressing when I can finally fit off the rack clothes and there aren't any in my price bracket.( IE cheap) - but if that is all I have to complain about then as the Mitre 10 Mega guy says "LIFE IS GOOD"

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  1. I'm glad you guys had a nice weekend! And hopefully the sore back is nothing serious.