Monday, September 14, 2009

12 Sleeps to go!!!!!!!!!

Well after some thinking about what is important to me, I have decided that I am going to leave Lions. I do not need my valuable time spent in meetings talking about doing something productive. I do not want to be part of the “old boys network” and it is not really going to achieve much for me.

This weekend has been a bit up and down – I was getting a little down about finding more work as I didn’t get an interview for a couple of the positions… fact, they for one of them they only had my application for about 2 hours before deciding I wasn’t suitable……oh well, their loss.

I talked this over with Si on Saturday as we were heading out to see Riddick …..and I worked out that apart from my wedding, I have not actually had a full on holiday since 1994 as I have always had the habit of taking a couple of days here and there or having to use my annual leave for surgeries or too look after Mum & Dad when they were sick. And I really really think that I need to take some time out for me………but that is going to make things tight financially, but as Si said, while his parents are living with us it takes the pressure off, although will make things a bit tight with Christmas etc……….but even if I can temp or find part time work any money I earn will be a bonus.

I am lucky enough to be able to head down to Christchurch to spend some time with Roz in late November. Unfortunately it is just me going down, but as I am going on a Thursday and Si will be working. He also thought it would be nice for me to spend some one on one time with Roz and her family. It the weekend just before my birthday – so we are using it as my birthday present.

On the way back from seeing Riddick we almost got flattened by a bus coming around the corner on two wheels – the driver managed to get it under control however I really thought this was a “we are going to die” moment. Very scary.

The weekend itself was very uneventful – trying to save money hard at the moment as we have the bond and rent in advance to cover as well as the moving costs. Not going to be a cheap exercise……so at the moment, it is try to save every penny. I am making lunch for Si and I and although it is not the best Weight loss surgery food – I am making cheese and chowchow sandwiches with a piece of fruit for lunch. It seems to keep me going and my tummy seems to be able to handle it.

Oh – now I guess I should update about the specialist……I saw him on Wednesday afternoon, and he was happy with how things are going, although he ordered more blood tests and a back x-ray as he is not happy that I am getting a sore back and still getting a rash even though I am on the prednisone. He said that there should be no problem with us having children (if we decide to) with the medication I am on so that is cool. I have another set of bloods to do at the beginning of October and then monthly after that for another 3 months to see how things settle down as it can take several months for it to all kick in.

Well that is probably enough dribble, although I do have more that I want to talk about, but will save for posts later on in the week. I am hoping to do a youtube update at some point and I will have to tell you about my fly buys points purchase…….oh and I guess start the countdown till we move……12 sleeps to go!!!!!!!!!


  1. Only 12 sleeps to go, how wonderful! It sounds like a break from work could be just what the Dr ordered, even if it's a bit tough on the old finances.

    Great news about still being able to have children if you choose to, that's just fantastic Janine :)

  2. I feel it was a good decision re Lions.

    Good luck with finidng a new job! I've appllied for a couple but haven't heard, I'm also going through the temp process.

  3. Wow that time has gone quick.....