Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Specialist appointment & why do we bother?

This time tomorrow I will be here……..(taken at about 8am this morning out the car window) don't you just love the beautiful spring morning and the blue sky?

Palmerston North Hospital seeing the specialist to discuss my Auto Immune Liver Disease. I have a few things that I want to bring up with him and one of those is my blood tests. For the last few weeks they have been going in the wrong direction and although I am not feeling anywhere near as bad as what I was I am still getting some nasty bouts of pain and itching.

I also want to discuss my meds and if they will have any effect on my ability to have kids, and although we are not 100% sure when and if we will have kids we don’t want the medication to rule it out if possible.

Now onto the other part of my title – why do we bother? Simon and I joined the local Lions International club when we moved to Feilding, I was a Leo (young Lion) in my teens and loved my contribution to helping our community, but we are getting very frustrated at the old man’s network and stick in the mud attitude that it seems 90% of the club has. There were several issues that Simon & I raised yesterday after doing our shift at the mini golf, but all of them were swept under the carpet and we were pretty much told that because they had been doing it 40 years it was the right way and that nothing we could even suggest was worth listening to.

I came home and have done from pretty much every meeting I have been too worked up and angry at the stupidity of some of these men…..and Si thinks we should resign as it is just not enjoyable and we don’t feel that we are achieving anything and it does not seem likely that we will. Why bother…..??? We both just come home angry and upset and it is wasting precious hours of our time to achieve nothing to help others. Maybe it would be better just going to visit people in rest homes and chat to the lonely….I think I would feel like I was achieving more.


  1. It must be frustrating for you to have joined an organisation to help and do not feel you have any input. Unfortunately I suspect it is similar in many Lions Clubs.

    At the end of the day, you time is too precious to do this if you doo not feel pleased at the end of it.

    I guess your options are to stick it out & keep at them until something changes - problem is you may alienate people.

    Alternatively, resign, put in writing clear;y WHY you are doing so and look for other ways to get involved in your community. I am sure there are plenty of opportunities both formal & informal.

  2. I hope things go well tomorrow. That photo brought back horrid memories of that place for me.

  3. Hope your appointment went well this morning!

    I've opted out of committees and so on oer the years for exactly the same reasons as you are feeling.