Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last few days......

Well I haven’t heard anything about the casual/on call job and the other one I wanted I was not successful in getting an interview. Apparently they had over 200 people apply and I just wasn’t what they were looking for. I am beginning to think that my CV needs an overhaul as it is just not getting the attention that it used it……either that or I am applying for the wrong positions.

Anyway – enough about that for the time being. I picked up Porsche yesterday and she was happy to see us. Took her through to the Kennel and Cattery where Riddick is staying and she will be there till Saturday afternoon when we pick them both up. Going to be so nice having them back with us, although I have forgotten what it is like to have the cat sleeping on the bed…….I wonder if he will still want to.

Have taken tomorrow (Friday) and Monday off work. Tomorrow I thought I would get all the packing done (very little) and get the washing done etc so that means the weekend will be all about moving and unpacking.

I start my morning walks with Porsche at the park on Sunday, rain or shine……..we are going to go out for at least 1.2 kms every morning before work and then once I am finished I will aim to increase it and go for longer walks as well as get to Curves or the swimming pool. Actually my schedule is worked out so mornings are for exercise and afternoons for job hunting, chores etc.

Hopefully we will not be offline for long, if at all……see ya from the other house!!!


  1. I hope the move goes smoothly for you all.

  2. Hi Janine - if you ever want the beach house we would do a special rate for you. LOL you are almost family.

    Hope the weather doesn't hinder your move.