Monday, September 21, 2009

Two sleeps to go till Porsche is back and 5 sleeps till house moving

I get my baby girl back on Wednesday afternoon and I am so excited. She is going to the kennels for a couple of days till the house is ready to move into but I can’t wait. I am planning on taking her for lots of morning walks now that the weather is nicer and especially if I am not working.

I am hoping to have next Monday off to settle in after the move and also to help Si’s parents with theirs. Will be interesting to see how it all comes together.

I went to the Dr’s today to get a script for my supplements as I have been really good at taking them and I am almost about to run out of some of them – so need to keep on track. While I was there I asked him about my back xray that I had recently as well as the blood tests for Celiac disease. As is transpires I am not Celiac – thank goodness, and I have an abnormality in my sacroiliac joint which is why I have been getting the back pain. It is also link to psoriasis which is now what the Dr thinks I might have on my elbows………so another couple of blood tests to rule out Rheumatoid arthritis (another Auto-Immune condition) . But it seems we are getting to the bottom of everything……..which takes a load of the mind as now at least I know I am not going nuts.

Weight is up a little…….now up to around 103kgs. Dr is not too concerned and nor is the nurse and the nutritionist at my surgeons office. As soon as I get moved to the new house I have a new regime I am going to start – especially if I am not working – kind of like making ME a full time job by going for walks and scheduling in regular exercise. I have also made a tracking diary and a weekly planner for exercise.
Jobwise – I finish in 3 weeks and I am looking forward to a break. I have been applying for jobs but hard nothing from most of them. There is an on call casual one that I would quite like and one fulltime one that I would jump at…….but nothing else really grabs my fancy……although I did bump into a guy I knew from school who might be hiring in the hospitality industry……….and work is work.

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