Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No guarantees

Well here I am finally doing another update. I have been a bit tired and run down the last few days and trying to fit work and study and me time all in together and I managed to forgot a couple of important events over the weekend, so now I have some making up to do.

My study material arrived on Thursday last week, and I set aside Sunday to get started on it. I am pleased to say that I have completed 1 of the 7 papers already although it is a bit harder than I thought an I realize that I am not good at distance learning…I much prefer a classroom environment where I can feed off other people. BUT I am not going to let that stop me, and I have the benefit of having 3 other intelligent people who I can bounce ideas and thoughts off……..and we also have a good support network and I can contact the tutor at any time for any questions. So far I haven’t needed that.

So the aim is to have it all completed within the next 4 weeks, and that might be a stretch especially with having full time work as well……but we will give it a go. Unfortunately the licensing board only meets monthly and they hold the application for 14 days before it goes to the board. So even if I get the certificate and get the company I want to work for to submit my application through quickly, the earliest I will get approved is early- mid November…..which is a bit of a worry as all of the laws change on November 17th.

There is also no Guarantee that I will find a company to take me on, and you can’t sell unless you are actually a licensed Real Estate Agent. Most people who call themselves agents are actually just approved as salespeople….. anyway, as I said, there is no guarantee that I will get into an agency…..so I have also decided to apply for jobs in the local area as well……….and surprise surprise there is actually 4 jobs that close in the next week or so that I am interested in. If I am successful with obtaining one of them I can always still do the real estate thing – the qualification lasts 3 years before I would have to re-sit it, and some steady money would be good. Now I can hear some of you saying that I should STICK to one thing, BUT honestly I am being careful not to put all my EGGS in one basket……..I can always say NO to a position if the real estate career does take off.

Actually Si had a good thought, which was if I was to get full time work that was not Real Estate I could still work for an agency helping out with open homes etc in the weekends, which would get me some practical experience as well.

So now I want to hear your thoughts on that matter? Feedback really needed, either comment here or email me at janine.hallewell@gmail.com

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  1. I'm in sort of similar situation with decisions to be made! I do agree about not having all your eggs in one basket. good on you for going for the certificate but it also makes sense if another job comes up to maybe look at that. Si's suggestion is a good one. Also I seem to remember one agent here (LJ Hooker I think) having a course/seminar for anyone interested in real estate as a career?