Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New House

Yup - all settled in at the new house, and mostly unpacked. Just a few more boxes to go and then I am done. Si's parents moved their stuff across yesterday and we had the first night with all of us there including the 2 dogs and the cat. They seem to be getting on okay - Rissick is a little scared of Oscar but he will come right. Oscar is such a clingy dog and he whines and carries on when left alone or separate from Si's parents and Riddick doesn't like it.

Nothing really eventful happened with the move at all.....have taken Porsche for a walk around the park and have started back on track with my protein shakes. So far so good - last week I had managed to get to my 'NO GO ZONE" of 105.5 kgs......actually 105 kgs is the upper limit I had set myself with the steroids etc......so was time to get back on track. Well this morning I was 102.5 kgs, so a much better outcome. I know some of this would have been TOM as well, but still was enough to give me a kick up the pants.

The goal is be between 95 - 98 kgs by my Birthday in late November and I am sure that it will be achievable if I keep up the exercise and sensible eating.

Saw the Dr last week and he gave me my xray result.......yup I have an abnormal sacro-iliac joint and that is qhite often linked to pssorasis (sp) so yesterday I ended up having a biopsy taken off my elbow and we should know the results in a few days.

Sunday would have been Mum's birthday, and this is the first year that I have acknowledged it but not gotten upset about it....not sure if it is that I am coping with it much better as I have Si's mum down here now or that I was just too damn busy moving house.......I certainly think it helps having Si's parents, but it is still not the same as Mum.

OOPS - I forgot - the one stupid thing and very annoying thing about the move is that we have no internet and we are unlikley to have it for two weeks!!!!! We were first told that they had run out out ports........and that it was a first come first served basis, so they had switched off the port at our house (previous people) and given it to someone else.........we then heard back from the broadband team and apparently it is not the case.....it is that the Feilding exchange is being upgraded in stages and at the moment, yes they have a shortage of ports but it should all be resolved within the next two weeks. Still extremely annoying, but what can we do? Satelitte internet is far too expensive - actually I am not sure we even have it in NZ.

I am in my second to last week at work and we are moving buildings tomorrow - and probably won't have internet here till Thurs/Friday either.....I am really going to feel cut off from the world. So if you want me.......RING ME.!!!!!

Oh - other work news - I have an interview on Thursday for the oncall/casual job. It is for a company I used to work for in Auckland that I loved and on call/casual to them could mean anything from no hours to about 60 in a week, so will be interesting. I really really want this as it should give me the flexiblility I am looking for in as such as I want to concentrate on my fitness and health as well. Will let you know.


  1. Is your phone number the same as your old one.... before you moved in with the inlaws????

  2. Kg are confusing for me.
    Glad you are moving into your new house, congrats!

  3. Well done on the move. Good to see everything falling into place.
    Have a great weekend :)