Monday, April 25, 2011

Be sensitive to how your changes affect others

The NAWLS Small Bite for April 24th is

Be sensitive to how your changes affect others. 
People may not understand why you have made so many changes that affect their lives. A spouse may be confused by your new interests. Your friend may miss having her eating buddy on Friday nights. Your boss may not understand your moodiness as you adjust to your new lifestyle. Your kids may miss getting fast food.  

Let others know you understand your changes affect them. Tell your children, for example, you will be able to play with them more because you will be healthier. Explain to your husband that you want to be more active with him, rather than watch TV. Try to help people adjust to your new way of being.  

Action for the day:
Discuss the affects of your changes with others who are close to you. 

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