Friday, April 22, 2011

Hear what is not said.

The NAWLS Small Bite for April 18th is

Hear what is not said. 
Our loved ones want to be supportive, but may hesitate at times to speak their minds. Observe body language and behavior cues to learn what others are thinking. They may have unspoken questions, concerns, or comments. Even coworkers may not want to upset your "fragile" frame of mind by saying or doing anything "wrong."  

Your surgery and inconsistent eating habits may cause others to feel as though they are walking on egg shells. You may think everyone has adjusted to your new lifestyle, but they may just be acting that way to please you. Continue to open lines of communication with your spouse, children, and co-workers so that they are clear about boundaries--both theirs and yours. 
Action for the day: 
Spend some time today thinking about how your WLS journey affects those around you. Do you need to communicate better with your family, friends, and co-workers? What needs to be said that you haven't said? What do others need you to understand, even if they can't find the words to tell you?  
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