Friday, April 22, 2011

Strike Back

The NAWLS Small Bite for April 2nd is

Strike back. 
Decadent desserts grace the covers of magazines in the checkout lane, not to mention the array of candy displayed there. Everything is super-sized, and tantalizing smells fill the air. We are encouraged to eat seconds, and how can we pass on dessert? And what about the well-meaning person who declares, "One bite won't hurt." 

Yes, it will! The world will try to sabotage your efforts. From the spouse that leaves food lying around the house to the person pushing samples at the grocery store, you are under attack. Your armor is your resolve, and your mouth is your sword. When the saboteur strikes, strike back with these powerful words: "No, thank you." 

Action for the day: 
Develop a strategy to deal with the abundance of food surrounding you--write it down in your journal. Make some guidelines by which you can sustain your new life. Review them often. 

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