Monday, April 25, 2011

Avoid matryrdom

The NAWLS Small Bite for today is
Avoid matryrdom
How many times have you sat down with friends at a dinner party for a lovely meal and someone who has never had a weight problem foes on and on about how they can't ear this or that because they are on a diet? As a result, at least some poeple at the table felt self concious about filling their plate and enjoying their meal. Not only did the "dieter" spoil the meal, but they openly insulted the host by judging the dinner unfit to eat. 

The middle of a dinner party is not the best time to share your personal choices and to become a martyr for your new lifestyle. You can take your smaller portions and not draw attention to the,. If someone asks you why you took so little, just say you want to sample everything, and then change the subject. Be a rounded conversationlist, and people will remember the interesting person they sat next to as opposed to the person who made them feel bad about themselves. 

Action for the day:
Reflect on ways to be intersting around people instead of focusing everyone's attenton on your food choices.  

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I definately nedd to work on this, although I am not sure I would lie, but maybe just state simply, that is all I can fit in right now and then change the subject. This could also be something I need to work on with the Gluten Intolerance.

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