Friday, April 22, 2011

Face your truth

The NAWLS Small Bite for April 11th is

Face your truth. 
The truth is you may not be drinking all your water. The truth is you may not be eating a protein-based breakfast because you don't want to take the time. The truth is you don't take your multi-vitamin regularly because you don't like it. The truth is you are tired and have given up (you tell yourself you are just backing off a little). 
If you are finding that you don't want to do the things that will keep you healthy, it's time to pull out your tool kit. For example, go back to your support group. Call another WLS patient who may need support. Ask a friend to exercise with you. But most importantly, be honest with yourself. 

Sometimes WLS patients start to slip into old behaviors and the consequences are not immediately apparent. Sadly, the consequences appear down the road when damage has already been done. Denial can cause serious damage. The truth will protect you--if you will embrace it. What is the truth about where you are in your WLS journey today? Are you doing everything you need to do? 

Action for the day:  
In your journal create a contract with yourself (and don't forget to sign it!). State the action you are committing to. Be specific. Include dates, times, amounts, whatever information you need to track your progress. 
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