Friday, April 22, 2011

Embrace normalcy

The NAWLS Small Bite for April 10th is

Embrace normalcy. 
In your life after WLS, you have focused on yourself. You have undergone changes in your body, diet, and environment. Maybe you've been noticed and praised a bit. People are talking to you, holding doors, looking you in the eye. Maybe you're feeling more confident. Sometimes you feel like the center of attention. Soon the attention may lessen. You reach goal and become just an ordinary person again. New people you meet don't even know you were ever obese. Life will resume as it did before. The end of the joy ride can be a big let down. The great test is to try not to become that center again. Enjoy being a regular person with common experiences to share with others. The roller coaster ride is over, and the real journey to wellness has begun.
Action for the day: 
Work on accepting that your time as the center of attention passes; it is a part of life not a statement of who you are. Today, make an effort to be a friend among friends, not the star. 

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