Friday, April 22, 2011

Practise curiosity

The NAWLS Small Bite for April 13th is

Practice curiosity. 
Boredom is one of the main reasons people overeat. You have nothing to do, so you migrate to the kitchen and rummage for food. Or your hands are idle while you are reading or watching TV, and you decide to snack. 
Curiosity is a great tool to deal with boredom. Have you noticed that when your mind is busy looking into something, it banishes thoughts of eating? If you are searching for an answer, the obsession keeps your mind busy. Find a subject or hobby that excites you and make it your new obsession. Whatever you choose, it will liberate you. Overcome the need to eat when bored by becoming curious. 

Action for the day:  
Choose a topic or activity about which you are curious and research it today. Except at mealtime, focus on your new interest instead of food. Practice curiosity. 

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