Friday, April 22, 2011

Have fun now; it's later than you think.

The NAWLS Small Bite for April 16th is

Have fun now; it's later than you think. 
Fun is not only for children. Fun can be found by anyone in any moment of the day. Having fun is a choice. Even at the most horrible job, fun can be had if it is just imagining bunny ears growing out of the boss's head. 

Laughter will lift your spirits and keep you young. It will improve your health. Find fun where you can. Write a note to stick in your child's or spouse's lunch bag. Have spice tea instead of plain. Spontaneously tickle someone you love. Buy flowers. Do things you know will make you smile. 

Action for the day:
What are you waiting for? If your life is nothing to smile about, spend some time reviewing your typical day. How can you add some fun? Make a list of things (small and large) that you can do to inject fun into your life.

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