Sunday, May 29, 2011

Okay - once again I have been very very slack with my blog

I can't beleive how fast time has gone since I last updated on Anzac Day/Easter/ Where has time gone? I know that alot has changed in the last few weeks, in fact I think it was Easter Weekend when we decided that we were going to move house. 

We have moved to a better suited house for us, a better laid out house that is warmer (without the need for the mother of all fires), lower maintanence and ultimately will be better for when we have foster children. The moved happened on May 14th, the same day a friend of ours from Australia was arriving for a holiday, so it was all go. We went down to Wellington for a day trip, where we ended up going to the Weta Workshop, which was free!!! Could not beleive that it was free. Blew me away. 

We then headed up to Taupo and Rotorua and then up to Whangamata. We made it up to the Lost Spring in Whitianga, so worth the winding roads just to go there!!! I do hate that road from Waihi through there though.....made me wish I hadn't had any food before starting on the trips.

We came home a day early and got some more of the unpacking of the house done, and just hung out with our friend. He helped us buy a new Telly for the much bigger lounge that we have. The other one looked teeny weeny. We ended up with a Sony 55inch telly.

I have had some major toothache, and am having a tooth pulled out next Wednesday. Will be interesting! I hate the dentist!!! 

I am also a bit behind in organising the next WLS Meet & Greet, although we are close to finalising a venue and some of the other details. I will have registeration forms up and running in the next couple of weeks.!!!

Okay so now onto the WLS stuff. I have not been in the best of head spaces, but I went to the womens show and spent some time with Andrea and Ruth from Surgical Obesity Services, and they both reminded me that the smaller server sized plate that we use is not enough to makeus feel full, but it is exactly enough to sustain us till the next meal. It is all we NEED.......trouble is I keep falling for the WANTS.

SO, that brings me back to the daily inpirations. I really do need to keep going with this and completing the information and working on it daily......not just a once a month catch up like I have been. I will get myself up to date again and then it will be daily!!!!

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  1. Looks like I'm not the only one moving hope your job is going ok.