Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learn to comfort yourself

This morning I had to get up early and have a blood test....just the routine monthly one, but slightly early as the oral surgeon I see tomorrow wanted to make sure everything was fine before operating on me.

I also talked with the nurse at my Dr's surgery today, they want me to have the flu jab, but I am so not sure about it. I didn't have it last year. I might ring the specialist and ask his opinion. 

Todays NAWLS Small Bite is 

Learn to comfort yourself.
The longing for someone to share your burden can be worse than head hunger. But you will not always be able to get in touch with your support system. So, you will benefit from learning to comfort and support yourself. 

Can you treat yourself to an afternoon of reading alone? How about going to a yoga class or getting a pedicure? There are so many ways to comfort youself. Find what works for you. 

Action for the day:
What feels really comforting to you (that isn't unhealthy)? Make a list to refer to when you are disconnected or lonely.

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