Sunday, May 29, 2011

Know your limits

The NAWLS Small Bite for May 16th  is

Know your limits.

Are you starting to feel unstoppable? Do you have more energy than you have had in years? You may feel like you can almost fly, that you can run forever&but will you be in pain the next day?

You may believe that the only way to get to the next fitness level is through experiencing intense pain. But hurting yourself by pushing past your limits can actually hamper your workout routine, rather than enhancing your fitness. Consistent exercise will serve you much better than sporadic, painful exercise. Your body knows what it can do; listen to it and stop when you've hit your limit, so that you can remain consistent.

Action for the day:
Evaluate your exercise routine. Are you pushing too hard? If you are left feeling depleted, rather than fatigued, after exercise, you might want to consider slowing down a bit. Consistency is key.

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