Sunday, May 29, 2011

Struggle and win.

The NAWLS Small Bite for April 27th  is

Struggle and win. 
One day it may be so easy to do everything right you don't even need to think, whereas the next day everything is an effort. When you face a difficult day, it's easy to want to give up, yet this might be the day that breaks the plateau or the day you reach the next milestone. To give up at this point, when you have come so far, is not an option.  

Even though your goal may be far away, struggling one more step gets you closer. When the labor of the day is too much, turn to your support--a person, a book, a quote, or your higher power (or all of these things). Cling to the support you have to help you take the next step toward your goal. Much later, after you have met your goal, you'll appreciate the struggle for having made you stronger. 

Action for the day: 
Days of struggle are bound to happen, but help is not far away. Today, reach for that help whenever you need it.

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