Sunday, May 29, 2011

Allow yourself to expeience emotions.

The NAWLS Small Bite for May 12th  is

Allow yourself to experience emotions
Some of us have been so hurt and tortured by our past that we have built walls up to protect ourselves. We have shut down our emotions, knowing if we can't feel something, it can't hurt us. But if you cut yourself off from the possibility of being hurt, you also close yourself to the possibility of feeling positive emotions like love and joy. 
Let other people in. Open your heart and spirit to people who genuinely care for you and support your new lifestyle. These people are less likely to let you down or to hurt you. And when you do get hurt (because eventually you will), learn to communicate your feelings to the person whose words or deeds were painful to you. You can create a deeply fulfilling new life by opening yourself up to emotions.
Action for the day:
Do you wall off your emotions to avoid being hurt? In your journal, write a letter to your emotions. Encourage them to come out, gently. As always, seek counsel when you need it.

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