Sunday, May 29, 2011

Learn maintenance

The NAWLS Small Bite for May 14th is

Learn maintenance.

Maintenance is one of the more scary things for people who struggle with weight. Many people fear they will simply give up or become complacent. And of course, there is the fear of gaining all your weight back and more. The idea of maintaining your weight year after year can be daunting. It may even feel boring.

Are you afraid you'll fail at maintenance? Have courage. Maintenance is a skill you can learn. For example, you can weigh yourself once a week and if you are up a pound or two, follow your program religiously until the next time you weigh. If you are still up a bit, talk to your nutritionist and make minor adjustments to your diet, or exercise a bit more. Making little changes when necessary and keeping faith in yourself will help you sort out how to maintain.

Action for the day: 
If you have not reached a maintenance weight, spend some time thinking about and planning for maintenance. How will you handle it? If you are at your maintenance weight, evaluate how you are doing and make small adjustments as necessary.

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