Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carpe Diem

The NAWLS Small Bite for May 20th is

Carpe diem.  
It may sound cliché, but seizing the day as a WLS patient keeps you in the present. Try not to revert to old habits and your old flawed thinking. Really take a hold of this day and LIVE it. Appreciate each moment that makes up this day, and do an activity you would not have been able to perform prior to WLS. 
What a gift you have been given with WLS! Celebrate today and the opportunity you have been given to reclaim your life.  
Action for the day:
Have fun! Remember the physical restrictions that applied to the old you? Pick an activity today that would have been difficult to do in the past. Ride a bike, go for a walk, garden. Whatever it is--seize this moment in time. 

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