Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't let the hard work bother you

Okay, so I have some hard work to do if I am going to get back down to something I am happy with. My weight has been yo-yoing for some time, and I am past the upper limit that I was happy on steroids on. So I have to do something about that and I can't let the hard work bother me. I have to see it is as a challenge and met it head on. 

So that is what I did, I really didn't want to get on the treadmill this morning, but I made myself do 10 mins and then I walked around to the shop to buy some yoghurt for my shakes as I had run out. Have to have yoghurt in my shake otherwise it tastes yuckky!!!! Now, I have to race to get ready to go to work, working till 8pm tonight, so food is always a bit of an issue on these days. I am aiming to have my two corn thins and tuna for lunch at aound 4pm today and then I will have my gluten free sausage with some steamed veges when I get home tonight. Tomorrow I need to have a blood test in the morning and to see my local nurse at my GP for some other stuff. 

I must get my weight back down, this morning it was sitting at 112.7 kgs, which is not where I want or need it to be.

Here is today's  NAWLS Small Bite 

Don't let the hard work bother you.
Many people who have WLS are surprised at the amount of work th WLS lifestyle can require. Some people resent having to watch what they eat. They mistankenly beleived prior to surgery that the procedure would take care of their food problem. A few misguided surgeons even tell their patients they are "cured" 

The truth is that a healthy, rewarding life is hard work. But you decide whether it's worth it. Most thin people we know have to work at staying that way. They have to be self-disciplined, even when they don't want to be.  Successful people we see, who are living their dreams, usually have worked very hard to get to where they are. Hard work is a tool for you to use to get what you want in life. It is an opportunity. Take advantage of it. 

Action for the day:
Think about one aspect of your WLS lifestyle you dislike. Now, visualize the REASON that aspect is necessary. Once you connect a difficult action with its positive goal, it becomes a little less unsavory. 

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So, I'm back to posting these daily and hopefully that will help me stay on track and be more motivated. I will have more updates soon on the Meet & Greet!!!

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