Sunday, May 29, 2011

Give a gift to yourself

The NAWLS Small Bite for May 6th  is

Give a gift to yourself. 
How often do you go through your day doing what you have to do, rather than doing what excites you? Sometimes people who have been chronically ill with obesity have spent years trying to comfort themselves with food and have not explored other areas of pleasure. Maybe chronic pain or depression held them back.  

But now you can learn, maybe for the first time, what feels good to you. Really good. Luxurious. Deeply satisfying. Comforting. Nurturing. Soothing. Self loving. Totally relaxing. Exciting. What satisfies you deeply? It might be incorporating a new color into your décor. It might be music. It might be planting a sweet-smelling flower. Give yourself the gift of pleasure in life that extends beyond what you eat. 

Action for the day: 
Spend the day paying attention to what feels good. Reflect on this simple yet important truth. Do something that really excites you today. 

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