Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pass it on

The NAWLS Small Bite for May 19th  is

Pass it on
New people join WLS support groups. You may run into them at WLS-related appointments. You might even meet them by referral. People new to WLS need a mentor just like you did. They are as frightened and unsure as you were. By sharing your transformation, you can be a blessing to them on their own journey.
You can help them find the perfect-tasting protein shake or help them shop for the best foods. Invite them to join your exercise group. Some people have not participated in group exercise, and may be anxious about trying it. Newcomers need mentors, supporters, and friends. WLS patients who reach out to the next "generation" WLS patients tend to do better with their own recovery and progress. 

Action for the day: Today, reach out to a newcomer. For example, go to your hospital and visit a bariatric patient. Share your experiences with them and make them feel welcome in this new world.

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