Friday, March 25, 2011

Be spontaneous

I am still super excited about how the scales have come down. It makes me want to continue to eat according to my pouch rules. Tonight will be interesting as we are going out for dinner with both sets of parents, and some other family friends. I think I will just order the steak and seasonal vegetables. Will think on that during the day.

Today's NAWLS Small Bite is

Be spontaneous.
Lifehas its own energy - a force that drives you through time. You cannot control it; you can only hold on tight and hope not to fall off. You can allow yourself to be be frightened by the ride, or you can scream in delight and let yourself be tossed. 

Try to roll with the punches, and let things happen as they may. Being flexible and spontaneous is a survival mechanism worth developing. Enjoy the ride of life; fighting the motion will only make you sick. 

Action for the day:
When the unpredictable happens, be spontaneous and look for the fun in it. 

© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.

I always think I want to be spontaneous, but when ever anyone suggests an activity I tend to put up walls, so maybe not. I do however think that the best parties and bbq's are the spur of the moment ones. 

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