Monday, March 28, 2011

Have courage

The NAWLS Small Bite for March 27th is

Have courage. 
Over time, most people realize they will have to make important changes, difficult changes, if they want  long-term WLS success. Some of the changes are physical: more exercise, better eating habits, getting your lab work done regularly. Somon of the changes are mental: resolving long-standing depression, changing negative thought patterns, uncovering old ideas that sabotage you. And some of the changes are spiritual: reconnecting with your Creator, learning to care for your soul, and leaving and isolated lifestyle behind. 

All these changes are often scary and rqire hard work. Be brave- physical, mental, and spiritual health await you.

Action for the day:
Take 15 mins today and make a badge of courage for yourself. Get out the crayons,markers, tape, scissors, glitter....whatever you need. On your badge write something like: "Janine the Brave." Hang your badge where you'll see it everyday (and wearit around the house from time to time to help you change how you view yourself and your potential)

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