Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feel your fear and do it anyway

Trying not to get too far behind so I thought I better get these couple of NAWLS Small bites done. 
This is the one for March 6th

Feel your fear and do it anyway.
Sometimes your perception of how a situation will unfold keeps you from attempting the activity. You imagine how uncomfortable it's going to be and you don't want to take the risk. Yet, sometimes, you just need to take a deep breath and accept the invitation to try. Most of the time it's not as bad as you think. You may find you actually have a good time,  make a few new friends, and learn some new things. Accepting the challenge enables you to rie to the occasion and profit from the experience.

Even when the situation does not work out, you have learned something, and you have established a new patternof risk taking. The new you will not let fear be the only reason for not taking a risk. You are becoming more capable every day, and you are living your life accordingly.

Action for the day:
Think about what holds you back from fully participating in life. Give yourself permission to take the risk to be a part of something exciting today.

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