Monday, March 28, 2011

Be willing to go to any lengths

The NAWLS Small Bite for March 28th is

Be willing to go to any lengths.
It's notuncommon for a WLS patient to say, "I know I should do that, but I just can't" Drinking water is one such example. Success involves being willing to go to any lengths to achieve your goals. Going to any lengths means doing something you need to do , whether you want to or not, until you have a change of heart and want to do it. 

If you can't handle plain water, put mint leaves or cucumber in a jug to flavour it. If you're too busy to drink water, prepare four 500 ml servings and drink one the way to work, one during the morning, one during the afternoon, and one on the way home. Use things you do regularly (like driving to and from work) as triggers to drink your water. To day you "can't" is often saying you "won't". Is that how you want to approach this new life you've been given?

Action for the day:
Pick one area in your WLS lifestyle in which you can improve. today, make the change you need to make, and resolve to keep doing it until you want to do it. 

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