Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recognize your worthiness

The NAWLS Small Bite for March 2nd

Recognize your worthiness.
There are those of us who think we are not worthy of success. We cannot accept prosperity. But how happy are you when you see an underdog succeed? How genuine is your praise of other people who have stuggled to reach goal?

The joy you feel for another person is the same as the joy someone feels for you when you reach your goals. Accept praise with joy and gratitude. Don't say, "it was noting." You are worthy of praise and you have earned it. You only diminish the joy of others when you dismiss their praise of you.  The rewards of your work are not just the numbers on the scale or your pants size, but also the respect and recognition you get from friends and family.

Action for the day:
Allow people to share their joy for you. It is a gift you can give them that will lift you up, too.

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