Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow - Almost April,

I can't beleive April is almost here. Well I had a fabulous weekend, started on Friday night when we went out to dinner with family and friends for Si's mothers birthday, it was a really pleasant evening.

Saturday was poruing with rain, and that was a problem as we had everyone from friday night as well as our friends Leigh & Maryanne and their 4 grandkids coming over for a potluck dinner. 
So I had a brainwave to keep the kids occupied, I put our spare telly out in the large front hallway, and asked if they could bring their beanbags to sit on. I got them a DVD from the store, and they had a blast watching dvd's without disturbing the adults. 

I also found a box that said 'kids toys' on it, and I thought it was some pencils and a colouring in book, which is what I was looking for, for the two younger girls, but is works out that not only was it the book and pencils, but also my barbie doll and all her furniture and clothes etc from when I was 8-10 I guess. So the girls were also sorted!!!!!!!!! YAY. I got a bit nostalgic actually, and since one of the ladies who was at the potluck was the lady who made most of the clothes for my barbie it bought back alot of memories for both of us. 

Most people left around 10:30pm, but Leigh, Maryanne and I ended up chatting till around 1:30 am. ( the kids were asleep in the spare room by then). I was going to go straight to bed and leave the clean up till the morning as Si had already gone to bed and I thought moving the furniture etc would wake him, but then I just picked up the odd thing and before you know it, the whole lot was done and it was only 2:17am. 

So that means on Sunday I spent most of the day playing our new game. It is called RIFT, and it is very much like World of Warcraft, but new and exciting, and no where near as many kids playing it.

This week I see the specialist again for my liver, although he has not had me do the normal blood tests, so I am not sure how he's going to get me to change my meds around especially since the last 3 months has been pretty rough adjusting. 

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  1. Have managed to lose nearly all my email addresses can I have your postal addy please to send a thank you from the wedding and some photos please :-)