Saturday, March 5, 2011

Identify and avoid your trigger foods.

Finally caught up with the NAWLS Small bites, and I need to keep on top of these, as these relaly do help me keep on track.

Identify and avoid your trigger foods.
Do you tell yourself one bite won't hurt? Sometimes one bite is just fine, but sometimes it isn't. You are the only person who can make that determination. The key is to find the balance between deprivation and indulgence. If you take a bit or two, walk away, and don't think about the food again for days, you're probably okay.

If, however, you have a bite and spend all of your free time thinking about the next bite, it's probably a trigger food that you should consider avoiding. If you don't avoid the trigger foods, one bite leads to another and another. Is it worth it? The new you says, "No, I want to live a full, healthy life. I will not go back to the old pain and suffering. I have a choice today."

Action for the day:
Review your list of trigger foods in your journal. try to avoid your trigger foods just for today.

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