Thursday, March 24, 2011


The NAWLS Small Bite for March 21st is

Perhaps you would prefer not to exercide. It takes time, it's hard,and you don't like to sweat. But even though you can think of a thousand excuses why you do not want to (or think you can't) exercise, you know in the long run it will make you feel better.

At first, exervise can feel like torture, but if you stay vigilant you will find you become stronger and have more energy. Exercise also releives stress. Working out your tensions with sweat helps to unburden your soul. And you just might find yourself feeling more cheerful. Prioritze exercise like you priorotize brushing your teeth, drinking water, or taking your medicine. For long-term WLS success, it is an essential. 

Action for the day:
In your journal, make a list of activities you like to do that involve moving your body. These activities do not have to be formal exercise. Pick one activity and do it today.

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