Monday, March 21, 2011

Get connected to your life.

The NAWLS Small bite for March 20th is 

Get connected to your life. 
Recovery and healing have as much to do with the mind and spirit as with the body. Your physical obstacle to relationship building is being removed day by day. You have the gift of a new life - a fresh start. 

Some people continue to find ways to hide from the world. It not with weight, then with distraction, obession, self-desruction, avoidance, and victimizaton. You can choose to learn how to get connected to people and throw off those old defenses. Study how to love. Study how to give, how to be safe, how to set boundaries. Theses studies can be part of your pursuit to better health. They allow you to heal body, mind, and spirit. 

Action for the day:
Express your love in safe places. If you don't know what or who is safe, start to learn. 

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