Monday, March 21, 2011

Let go

The NAWLS Small bite for March 21st is 

Let go.
The sickness and immobility are gone. You are begining to enjoy good health, energy, and hope. It's time to leave your old habits and old patterns of thinking behind, just as you are letting go of friends who are no longer good for you. It is your time to fly. 

The ropes that held you down no longer bind you. The only things holding you to the ground are your own hands on the rope. Let go. Be the new person you want to be - the healthy person who has awakened form a long sickness. 

Action for the day:

Meditate on an old behaviour, habit, or friend that is no longer healthy for you. In your journal, write a goodbye letter to that old behaviour or friend. Don't send it. Just experience it. How does it feel to let go?

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