Thursday, March 10, 2011


The NAWLS Small Bite for today is 

Being obese made your life smaller. You were less able to do even simple activities. You may  have spent more time worrying about your woes, rather than figuring out what you could contribute to your community. Following WLS, your energy increases as well as your ability to focus on positive efforts. 

Now, you're able to contribute time, energy, and attention outside yourself. Maybe you want to be a foster parent. Or you want to volunteer to help with a cause you've always wished you had the energy and stamina to support. You might just want to brin a meal to a sick friend or help our spouse with the yard work. Whatever you do, aproach it with gratitude for your new ability to help others. 

Action for the day:
Do something to benefit someone else today. 

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Wow, isn't it interesting that this post has both foster parenting and volunteering for the causes that are close to you. As most people know I really want to get the National Organisation up and running and that means alot of time spent volunteering and we are in the process of training for fostering. 

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